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Volunteer of the Month: October

Congrats to Kristin Weeks!!!

"I love all the volunteer opportunities at LFE! Being able to surprise my kids or hearing "Hey Mrs. Weeks!" from other students just makes my heart soar! We have such a special group of teachers and staff that have been an integral part of our family. Taking a few hours out of my day to support them is such an honor. They pour their hearts and soul into our kids, and I hope they know how special they each are. I also love all the parent connections I've made through being a volunteer and room mom. Some of my closest friends in the neighborhood are because of our kids!

Brian and I are not native Texans but we consider it home as we've both have been here for 15+ years! We've lived in Light Farms since 2016. Brian and I have 3 children together, Kaylee is a 2nd grader in Mrs. Baker's class and Asher is in Ms. Richter's kindergarten class. We also have an 18 month old baby, Brighton, who is our congenital heart baby. I work nights as a tech in the ER and Brian works from home as a manager in database development. We're always on the go with the many activities our kids are apart of!"

Kristin, we appreciate you! Thanks for showing all the love to our Light Farms Leaders!

Photo: Kristin and her family.

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