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Volunteer of the Month: December

Congrats to Erika Benson!!!

“I started volunteering at the school when Susie started school because I wanted to be as involved as possible. The amazing staff does so much more than just teach our kids, and I wanted to get to know everyone that was helping mold my kids into the sweet little people they are. I started to see all the hard work and long hours the teachers put in while I volunteered, that I wanted to help as much as I could. It’s also always a sweet surprise when Susie passes me when I am volunteering and seeing her light up. Susie is in cheer, so its always fun to hear them come up and say “Hi Susie’s mom.” This is just the beginning of our families journey with Light Farms Elementary. Susie has 2 younger siblings that will eventually be making their way through LFE as well. My son, Wyatt, will start next year. Our youngest, Diana, has a ways to go. Our family is very blessed to be apart of a school that is so close-knit with devoted teachers.”

Erika, we appreciate you! Thanks for showing all the love to our Light Farms Leaders!

Photo: Erika and her family.

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