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Volunteer of the Month: April

Congrats to Brian Rolens!!!

“I enjoy volunteering at the elementary because I think it's important for Riley to see that her parents are involved and have a genuine care for the kids in the classroom/school. Whether it's having lunch with the kids, walking around on Watch Dog duty, or reading a book to the kids it can all be summed in trying to help make it a better and safer place. The PTO and the teachers and staff have done a tremendous job in creating opportunities for the parents to be involved and we'll forever be grateful for these times. 

We've been fortunate enough to have been in LF now for almost six years. My wife Lisa and I have two girls, Riley, 7, and Sadie Kate, 5. Riley is almost done with 2nd grade with the wonderful Mrs. Baker and Sadie Kate will be starting kindergarten in August. We look forward to several more years at LFE and are lucky to be at this phenomenal school.” 

Brian Rolens 

Photo: Brian and his family.

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